How to Get Rid of a Stomach Ache in 5 Minutes?

Gastrointestinal disorders, also called GI-tract disorders, are quite common these days. What are they really? Do you have any idea about it?

High acid reflux, bloating, stomach pain, inability to digest food, nausea, etc. are a few prevalent gastrointestinal disorders. It goes without saying that every other person goes through them from time to time.

In this article today, I'm going to talk about a stomach ache in particular, it's causes and treatments. It's easier to pop out a painkiller every time you go through it, but let's flip it for once.

Painkillers have a number of side effects, so I'd suggest you switch to organic remedies. At least, they'd keep you safe from additional problems. What do you think?

Causes of Stomach Ache

As widespread as this issue is, it can be there due to a variety of reasons. Whether it's mild to a moderate stomach ache or severe, determining the cause behind it is a safe way to start the treatment.

So following are a few reasons your stomach may hurt:

  • Indigestion
  • A high acid reflux
  • Boating
  • Constipation
  • Food poisoning
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Allergies
  • A stomach virus
  • Crohn's disease
  • Gallbladder issues and more

In rare cases, it can be cancer too. For example, if God forbid someone has pancreatic or intestinal cancer, stomach pain can also be one of its symptoms. 

Though it's a rare reason to worry about as cancer never comes alone. It brings along various other symptoms as well. Henceforth, I'd say please don't confuse your stomach ache for cancer.

Ways to Get Rid of Stomach Pain

ways to get rid of stomach pain

Now let's jump to the cover page of the story, how can you get rid of stomach ache? I know an aching stomach is more than annoying. A year ago, I went through gastritis, and all I remember about it is that it was a throbbing pain in my stomach, along with indigestion.

Post-Dinner Workout

I know it may seem unusual to work out right after taking a meal, hear me out. I'm not asking you to get into a heavy workout session right after taking a meal, all I'm saying is you should walk or jog a little after it. Let's say thirty minutes after having your meal, sounds better?

A slow walk down the street can speed up your process of digestion as well as metabolism. It is something that not just helps you in getting rid of stomach ache, but also prevents it from happening again.

If you've nowhere to go, you can simply purchase a treadmill and jog a little at home. My mother doesn't prefer going out after dinner time, so she has bought her very own Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill. Trust me; it's a blessing in a disguise.

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Have Some Tea

Isn't it calming when someone asks you for tea? It is for me since I'm a tea lover in the real sense of the word.

The best part of the story is that these organic teas are actually quite beneficial for digestion. They also work well for stomach ache relief by neutralizing the stomach acids and boosting the digestive tract system.

Not just that, herbal teas, especially chamomile tea, come with anti-inflammatory properties that help relax the muscles of your stomach while providing permanent relief from gastric issues.

So what options do you have? You can either have lemongrass tea or simply try the chamomile tea.

If you ask me, I'm the biggest advocate of chamomile tea. I believe it's an all-in-one herbal medicine in itself. I take it twice a day, both times after having a meal.

I'm sure you must be thinking, what's so special about it? My anti-inflammatory Twinings of London Camomile Herbal Tea makes me feel light and weightless.

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If you're not up for it, you can try the simple lemongrass green tea. Check out Traditional Medicinals Organic LemonGrass Green Tea, it's equally effective and works just fine.

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Try Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is exceptionally helpful with gastric problems, especially stomach ache. I remember reading a study about subjects following a full dose of aloe vera juice for four weeks. People with GERD reported significant improvements in symptoms like stomach pain, food regurgitation, nausea, belching, flatulence, and bloating.

Aloe vera is naturally famous for its soothing properties. There are so many ways it can help you get rid of stomach pain and related problems. For example:

  • It lowers down the level of stomach acid;
  • It reduces inflammation;
  • It helps in digesting protein;
  • It aids in removing harmful toxins from the body;
  • And it neutralizes the digestive bacteria.

For all these reasons, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice is my favorite product. I believe it's a must-have item in every household.

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OTC Pain Relievers

If nothing else works, turn to over the counter painkillers. Though they bring along several side effects, so it's not safe to take them regularly, you can take one for a day or two. Make sure the painkiller is mild, you can go for Tylenol or Aspirin, whatever suits you better.

In case the pain prolongs, it would be better to consult a physician and get yourself examined immediately. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The Takeaway

One in five people goes through stomach pain as it is a common problem. So, let me assure you that it isn't anything to panic about, it's a frequent issue for many people that have weak sleep-wake cycles, hectic routines, abnormal eating habits, and issues like GERD.

With a few lifestyle and diet changes, I can promise you that you'll get rid of stomach ache once and for all. After all, your body needs maintenance too, just like any other machine. I know it sounds unlikely, but it's an unfortunate truth. So let's start by taking care of our bodies and treating them like temples, you can think of it as the first step on the health ladder. Get well soon, my pals!

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