About Me

nina jones

Hi, I am Nina Jones, a single mommy of Leah - my amazing five-year-old daughter. She is my inspiration when it comes to who I am today!

Yes, she is the very reason why now I have started writing my own blogs.

I have always been a keen reader since childhood. I read from Enid Blyton to Shakespeare to Elif Shafak. I would sit in my room reading books one after another and would pen down every thought that crossed my mind.

When it was time for me to opt for a degree, my parents realized I had taken literature way too seriously.

At first resistant but then later they supported me and told me to take up a degree in English Literature from the State University of New York, USA.

During my degree, I learnt new forms of creative writing such as article and blog writing. I found blogging rather interesting as it allowed me to converse with my readers in a very unique manner.

My siblings loved reading what I wrote, and it allowed me to grow as a writer.

Watching Leah grow each day were cherishable moments of my life yet challenging too. It was then I realized that there are common things in everyone’s life that need to be addressed in detail with guidance and remedies.

I started by reaching out to my friends and family and they seemed to have benefitted.

I have been questioned a couple of times regarding what compels me to write, what makes me a passionate solution giver.

My answer has always been unpretentious and straight. Everyone leads their life in a rather different manner.

There are a few things that come collectively to everyone and are rather unavoidable.

Having solutions to your tiny problems makes you less dependent on people and that indeed is the idea. 

I keep getting great ideas even though I am thirty-five now, but age doesn’t matter does it? However, what matters is their execution.

This is exactly why I am beginning my own blog.

I intend to keep my blog an array of easy, simple and handy ideas related to problem solving for your home, beauty, health and much more.

Making things complicated is not my way, instead I like it when it's going with the flow.

It is true life is merrier when you know simple hacks. You get what you want without any sort of paranoia and who wouldn’t want that right?

I would like you all to be part of my venture for making your daily lives easier and stress free.

I am also available on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.